How Tiny Music Can Create Big Connections

Tiny Music: The navigational sound that is our co-pilot on the journey through digital experiences. Bridging the Digital and the Real We live in a world where we are required more and more to interact with the digital. The digital is all around us, for better or worse. In this world, our interaction with products, … Continued

Know Your Audience: Creating Engaging Digital Experiences

Digital experiences have been on everyone’s mind here at Man Made Music. Companies are creating more digital experiences for their customers than ever before and media companies are no exception. With the upcoming untethering of HBO, floating into digital space as HBO Now, and CBS’s new All Access live-streaming and broadband service, we are expecting … Continued

Holiday Hullabaloo

As a followup to my favorite topic, sonic trash, I thought I’d write about something unexpected: There is some sound on the street that you should seek out before the season comes to an end. That’s right, sound on the street you won’t hate! This year, the holiday window installations of three big department stores … Continued

The City That’s Never Silent

Let’s face it. New York City is just too darn loud (insert video clip of Huey Lewis from Back to the Future). It’s a fact of life. Through casual observation, I’ve noticed that most folks out there are pretty desensitized to it. Makes sense.  It’s nature’s way of protecting us from constant distraction. If we weren’t constantly filtering, we’d … Continued