Designing the Sound of Safety

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the AES Automotive Conference in San Francisco with my colleague, and Man Made’s Creative Director, VR and Technology, Joel Douek. We were there to talk about the challenges we faced on a recent project: creating an iconic sound for an electric vehicle that also satisfied a forthcoming … Continued

Rest, Relax, Restart

I want to offer a simple Public Service Announcement about keeping your technology working for you: Restart your computer. Right now. And while it’s restarting, close all the apps on your phone and power it off and back on again. It’s ok, do it right now, I’ll wait… Welcome back, and that wasn’t too hard, … Continued

One Track Mind

Image courtesy of Unit Audio This blog post is about commitment. Not the type my mother is always harping about, but commitment to a sound. Just like in life, if we leave ourselves infinite possibilities, we’re left floating with indecision, and miss opportunities to create something truly great. This idea came up recently as I … Continued

Audio Gear Review: Eventide Mixing Link

Image courtesy of Eventide I’ve been working for the last few months with a great up and coming Soulful Hard Rock band called Dangerhole (amazing name). One piece of gear that keeps proving it’s usefulness during the creative tracking process is the Eventide Mixing Link. The name “Mixing Link” is very apt name for this … Continued

Audio Gear Review: Placid Audio Copperphone Mic

We’re often called upon here at Man Made to craft iconic and ownable sounds for Brands and Networks. To that end, I was looking to add a tool to our arsenal that would help us record unique sounds at the source, and with a little research I stumbled upon the Placid Audio Copperphone. We purchased … Continued