Exploring the Roots and Evolution of American Country Music – The Carter Family: Innovators or Aggregators?

I’d like to explore the idea that musical styles evolve and adapt in response to their surroundings. Economics, new technologies, and social factors change the way people value, consume, and participate in music. All of these forces play a huge role in the way music evolves. Think of it as a Darwinian view of musicology.   A commonly held misconception of music creation is that new … Continued

The Most “American” Instrument

What if I told you that the most influential and important instrument to the history American music is the banjo? To most, mentioning the banjo conjures up images of “hillbillies” playing on a back porch somewhere deep in Appalachia. To the urban, Portlandia mind-set the banjo is an instrument used maybe twice in a live … Continued