The Sound of Nation Branding: Moving from Struggle to Prosperity

What’s the sound of the American Revolution? Of The Civil Rights Movement? Of your wedding? People seek to consecrate the most important life and historical moments—both personal and national—with meaningful music that stirs the emotions, emblazons a memory, and brings gravitas to the event. Neurologically, meaningful music sets off a constellation of activity in our … Continued

The Sound of Nations: How Anthems Redefine Borders and Unite People

Sound is the glue that holds nations and cultures together, especially newly formed, recently united or divided nations or cultures. Whether it’s the wordless national anthem of Kosovo or the Grateful Dead’s post-hippy rock that defined the jam generation, anthems can help solidify the idea of a nation even when it’s not a geographic one. … Continued

The Sound of Food and Dining (aka That Meal Sounds Delicious)

By Joel Beckman with Tyler Gray Quick quiz: What national casual dining chain restaurant comes to mind when you hear the term “sizzling fajitas”? Got a name in mind? Are you thinking of Chili’s? (Most people do.) Although they’re widely recognized as the pioneers of sizzling fajitas, Chili’s didn’t invent the dish. But they created … Continued

What I Learned from James Horner

Like so many others, I was shocked and terribly saddened by the untimely, recent passing of James Horner, a consummate film composer, wonderful man, and dear colleague and work friend. I had always been one in the legion fans of James’ wonderful music, storytelling ability, and of course his distinctive composing voice. His stirring scores … Continued

How Sound Can Create the Ultimate Retail Experience

By Joel Beckman with Tyler Gray The death knell for shopping malls was right there in the name. No one called them buying malls, and in the end that wasn’t the allure. And yet, the buying was the backbone of the business model. What we’ve learned from the decline of shopping malls is that experience … Continued

9 Examples of the Glut of Sonic Trash

By Joel Beckman with Tyler Gray Sounds that don’t ring true, benefit you, or help you understand how to get what you need in a particular moment are what I call sonic trash. They’re not only random noise or wrong sounds. They can also be the right sounds telling the wrong stories at the wrong … Continued

How Sound Could Fix the Most Alarming Problem with Health Care

By Joel Beckman with Tyler Gray There’s a danger plaguing hospitals and clinics around the country: sound. It could be a powerful tool for healing, but it’s mostly used wrongly today. It causes stress in patients and alarm fatigue among health care workers, threatening recovery and, in some cases, lives. Used without strategy, the very … Continued