The Gap is Gone: Sound in the New VR Frontier

Why VR? What’s the fascination with Virtual Reality? Until you’ve tried it for yourself it’s hard to appreciate why strapping a phone to your face has anything to offer beyond gimmickry. Yet it’s what happens to both body and mind when you’re ‘inside’ the VR world that defies expectations. We encounter all the physiological and … Continued

Sonic Journeys: 3D For Your Ears

We receive sound at such a deep subliminal level, often we don’t realize that in the real world it is a fully 3D experience, replete with directional meaning and information. Unlike vision, it doesn’t matter where we look in order to perceive sounds. Binaural sound captures all this information with a specialized array of microphones … Continued

How Sound Shapes the Sensual Landscape of Our Lives

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there, does it make a sound? If we not rush to reflexive conclusions, we find that this age-old question unearths a fascinating look at the nature of sound, of hearing, and further still, our place in reality. How is sound produced? It is a disturbance, … Continued