Immersive Theater Brings Audiences Center Stage

Imagine waking up to find yourself on a deserted island. You’re standing on a small piece of land surrounded by ocean. There’s nobody to talk to and no way to escape. But the more time you spend exploring, the more you rely on your senses and instincts for answers. With time, things start to make … Continued

Waiting for Elsa: How Sound & Music Can Enhance the Waiting Experience for your Customers

Last weekend, I found myself standing in line in front of a retail store that I hadn’t been to since I was 8 years old. It was 8am on a Saturday morning, and the doors to the Manhattan Disney Store were about to open for a long line comprised mostly of little girls and their parents waiting for the limited amount of Frozen merchandise to arrive. … Continued

Patatap Turns Your Computer Keyboard Into a Virtual Instrument

File this under the “why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?” category. Patatap is a virtual instrument with accompanying graphics that uses keyboard buttons to create sound. The application was created by designer Jono Brandel who partnered with the composers at Lullatone – a husband and wife duo. This isn’t Brandel’s only project, and most … Continued

New Trend: 4 Apps that Turn Sound and Music Into An Experience

Music streaming and discovery apps are so commonplace, it’s hard to know where to start. With all the big players diving into the space – including Samsung (who just announced “Milk,”) BeatsMusic, and Amazon – the market is becoming over-saturated. We’re excited about a relatively new trend that is getting far less attention: apps that … Continued

2014 DJ Olympics Results Announced: Who won gold?

Most water-cooler conversations this week are centered around the last few events of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. At Man Made Music, we’ve adopted the Games’ competitive spirit with our own event of sorts called the DJ Olympics. Our music supervisors and specialists have scoured the ranks of up and comers and legends alike to … Continued

The Love Frequency: Valentine’s Day at Man Made Music

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day at Man Made Music without a mention of 528Hz – or “the love frequency,” as Dr. Leonard Horowitz has coined it. Dr. Horowitz claims that the frequency not only opens up your heart to love, but has the power to repair DNA structures. Take a listen and see if you … Continued