Sound Advice for Planning a Wedding

Music is just one of the many considerations a couple needs to make when planning their big day. Will you use a band or a DJ? What kinds of music will you play at the ceremony and cocktail hour? How do you create the right energy that will get people dancing and appeal to the … Continued

Courage Curation: Using Music to Endure Discomfort

Music has the ability to change your mood, set the tone in a room and even create suspense, humor or sadness in a film. But beyond all the emotional power of music, did you know that it can actually improve your health and well-being? And it goes way beyond reducing stress and improving your workouts! … Continued

Sonic Seasoning explains the airplane-tomato juice phenomenon

The In-Flight Tomato Juice Mystery Decoded Ever been on a flight and felt like ordering a tomato juice? You’re not alone. A 2003 study in Germany showed that about 3% of all tomato juice consumption took place from the air. In that year alone, Lufthansa reportedly served passengers over 316,000 gallons of tomato juice. So what is … Continued