Shoplifting & Silence at Amazon Go

Amazon Go is here. One of the biggest tech stories of the year, with far reaching news coverage and of dozens of YouTube videos where people are sharing their experience worldwide. It’s a perfect example of Amazon further disrupting retail with innovative new technology to forever alter human behavior. “Just Walk Out” technology is the brick … Continued

Sonic Innovation: The Next Frontier

Originally published on SmartUp “The Innovation Hub”. Story by Jonathan Littman and Susanna Camp. The usual suspects rendered the expected corporate keynotes at a New York Innovation conference, and then came Kevin Perlmutter, a man without a suit who punched up something different. No dull slides here crammed with indecipherable graphs and words. Sounds. A … Continued

Innovation Inspiration from The Summit

I had the privilege of attending the inaugural AT&T Business Summit. The goal of The Summit, according to Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Business was: “to inspire an audience to think differently about how technology is going to transform industries, organizations and even the world.” I attended in two capacities: As part of Man Made … Continued

C2MTL — Inspiration From the Big Top

C2 is a literal circus, with a “360 Big Top” mainstage, and Cirque du Soleil as a founding partner, inspired by creative agency Sid Lee. It’s the anti-conference… conference. A cacophony of ideas and inspiration, C2 can feel like a mirror maze of surprising rooms and activities. It is an incredibly ambitious event where the … Continued

Addressing Today’s Top Brand Challenges With Sonic Identity

The bar for brand experience has never been higher. Today, marketing and customer experience leaders are in pursuit of the best ways to connect with their desired audiences across an ever-increasing number of touchpoints. They are looking for distinctiveness, relevance, consistency and, most of all, effectiveness. While so much has changed, many are overlooking a … Continued

Music Studio Innovation Guy Can’t Sing or Dance

But we’ve got rhythm… Every day I’m surrounded by talented musicians and tempting instruments, but if I dare to pick up that acoustic guitar in the corner of the studio, my credibility is sunk. Even at home, my daughters are much better musicians and singers than I’ll ever be. And despite my supposed at-work-cred, I … Continued

Are Brands Neglecting the Most Intuitive Sense?

Intuitive. It’s become an overused word at this point, don’t you think?  Simply being visually intuitive is no longer enough. It’s true, everything is expected to be more intuitive, and the more intuitive things become, the more our brains yearn for it. But, it has gone from an aspirational point of difference in experience design to a … Continued

Brand Love in a Swipe Left World

I’m fascinated by Tinder. 1.4 billion swipes per day. Talk about tapping a market. I can’t help but think about how Tinder works, the odds of a connection, and how often it leads to amazing experiences. And while I’m way too happily married to ever consider using Tinder, I am curious. And it got me … Continued

Igniting the Senses in Branded Spaces

What are the best ways to ignite peoples’ senses in branded spaces? That’s the question that we — Carey and George Bradshaw, Co-Founders of Creative Butter, and Kevin Perlmutter, SVP Chief Strategist of Man Made Music, — asked ourselves. After being connected for our like-mindedness by a common friend at the MIT Media Lab, our … Continued