From Assembly Line to Playground: Sound’s Crucial Role in Experiences

Talk of e-commerce experiences often involves a smattering of familiar words: “intuitive this,” “quickly that,” “so-seamless-my-five-year-old-son-could-redecorate-our-house-in-the-dark” easy. (eBay shows us Karlie Kloss can do it in 24-hours, so can you!). Clean, simple and user friendly. Because of this shift, the role of the physical retail environment has been reimagined. It has slowly morphed into the fun uncle – … Continued

VR: Needs Great Storytelling, Visuals and Sound

Why Sound Is an Immutable Ingredient for Great Storytelling Virtual reality and augmented reality have become resident buzzwords, first in the lexicon of Fast Company and TechCrunch writers and futurists, followed by educational institutions, healthcare providers, news sources, media conglomerates, and early tech adopters—the list goes on. They are words that are rapidly gaining traction … Continued

Guilty Pleasure: A Playlist

Taylor Swift, doe-eyed country songstress turned reigning goddess of pop and token best friend of fashion’s most elite, has sold out nearly every show of her 1989 World Tour. The tour has grossed over $17 million to date with many Swift groupies attending not only one show, but a whopping two, leaving an inevitable gaping … Continued

4 Innovative Projects That Tell Stories Smarter – Split Seconds

Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentaries at The Guardian, recently questioned the future of information dissemination. When readers are no longer hungrily consuming the written word, how does a news source maintain its audience? In order to tackle the on-going challenges of the population’s shrinking attention span and the downsizing of the user interface, The Guardian … Continued