The IMAX Experience

IMAX engaged Man Made Music to produce an anthem for the 21st century, and with the world’s biggest bass drop. The new anthem demonstrates the lowest lows and highest highs, showcasing what IMAX is making possible for creators. For this project we created two assets:

The “Pure Experience” Anthem

An expression of the soul of IMAX. The Pure Experience Anthem tells the entirety of the IMAX story, from epic blockbusters to documentaries. The sonic DNA for future work recorded with a 180 piece orchestra and an 80 piece choir.

The Countdown

An iconic piece of the IMAX experience, it heightens anticipation and enhances pre-movie experience triggering emotion in the way only sound can. A single, unique expression of IMAX’s vast sonic technological range and the auditory signature of the brand featuring “The World’s Deepest Bass Drop in Cinema History”. The story behind the unique combination of instruments used to create this sound? It’s a secret.

“If you think about surround sound, it surrounds you—it’s all around you—so there are different games that you can play by pushing different instruments or parts of the soundtrack around, or in back, or to the left, or forward. You can move things around in that space. But with 12-channel, they’ve put speakers over your head. So from my perspective, in terms of creating something, there’s a cone of sound over your head. Part of what we were thinking about when we were creating this is how to use that to the max, to really feel like you’re inside the anthem, and inside the sonic identity for IMAX in the theater.” – Joel Beckerman

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